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HEAL Zone  |  Link to HEAL Zone Fact Sheet

Activate Anaheim is a community collaboration led by the Anaheim Family YMCA to help make physical activity and healthy eating part of people’s daily lives. In January 2012, Activate Anaheim received a grant from Kaiser Permanente to promote Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) in Anaheim.

The HEAL Zone Initiative focuses on neighborhoods of 10,000 to 20,000 residents. The initiative is designed to help combat obesity by making healthy choices accessible to more people in underserved communities through environmental changes that are sustained by policies and enhanced by education and promotion.

Strategies  |  Link to Cross Site Strategies

Activate Anaheim strategies include leadership by resident “Champion Moms/Dads;” new trails and bikeways; shared community spaces for outdoor play; community safety; the availability of healthy food choices; and more opportunities for physical activity before, during, and after school.  The strategies address the following goals:

1.  Reduce calorie consumption
2.  Increase consumption of healthy foods and beverages (e.g., water), and
3.  Increase physical activity.

Partners  |  Link to Partnership Structure

Activate Anaheim includes the Anaheim Family YMCA, City of Anaheim and Anaheim PD, Disneyland Resort, two school districts (Anaheim City and Anaheim Union High School), Kaiser Permanente, and local organizations and residents.

  • Northgate Market with a Touch of HEAL Zone Branding

    Northgate Market successfully launched their healthy food branding campaign in the Anaheim HEAL Zone. They expanded the deli and produce area with HEAL partner input and installed a new HEAL branded produce cooler featuring healthy options, including "grab-n-go" salads and fruit cups. A HEAL branded community information display board behind the service desk features health tips and community resources. For more information, contact Javier Gonzalez.

  • Residents Make Community Change

    Leticia Murillo started CARACOL, a Saturday program to promote family physical activity in a local park in Anaheim. Through her involvement with HEAL, Leticia learned to tap into the resources of HEAL partners and the city to obtain the permits, supplies, and licenses needed to run this increasingly popular program. Leticia graduated from Anaheim's Leadership Academy in 2007 and from Padres en Accion training in 2012. She volunteers at Edison Elementary School during their Active Recess program to ensure children are meaningfully engaged in physical activity.

  • Padres En Acción

    Padres En Acción “active recess program” in partnership with KidHealthy will launch at Edison Elementary school in January 2013.

  • Activate Anaheim Hosts Health Fair

    Residents enjoyed an active day with numerous activities, including a walk-a-thon, jazzercise demos, a L.A. Blues Soccer Clinic, an Imagination Playground for youth, Rethink Your Drink classes, martial arts demos, dance performances, health screenings, and dozens of booths focused on healthy living.

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    Link to Article (Spanish)

  • Anaheim, Oildale and Riverside Participate in Screening of HBO's THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION

    The Weight of the Nation™ documentary series and public health campaign, which aired in May on HBO, presents a unique opportunity to spotlight the severity of the obesity epidemic, showcase strategies that work and, most importantly, catalyze action to end obesity. Anaheim, Oildale and Riverside hosted screenings in their communities and have said that these resources are great to "spark discussion and solutions" and to "engage and inform."